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Renting a Car in St. Thomas

To really enjoy yourselves on St. Thomas - we highly recommend that you rent a car for your villa vacation! It is difficult for you to tell a taxi driver or dispatcher how to find Serendipity Villa. Having your own rental car gives you the freedom to do what you want, when you want. This way you will be able to see and enjoy much more of St. Thomas. When travelling to the US Virgin Islands, your foreign or U.S. driver's license is valid here for 90 days. If you have NOT rented a car for your arrival, you will then need to hire a private taxi to take you and your luggage to your villa. Please note our villa escort cannot carry any passengers in his/her own vehicles due to liability insurance restrictions.

If you are renting from Avis, Budget or Hertz, you should get in line immediately after you land in St. Thomas. Be prepared for possible delays during this process. Your villa escort will be holding a sign with your name on it near the airport car rental counter within the luggage claim area. You can then follow the escort to your villa. If it's any other St. Thomas rental car company, your villa escort will meet you at the airport or car rental office. Also note that arrangements will be made to meet only 1 group of people when they arrive to St. Thomas. If you require the escort to wait for other members of your group arriving to the island at a different time, please make arrangements before hand with us. There is an additional fee for meeting others at a later time.

Please note - we highly recommend that you rent 4 wheel drive vehicle(s).

We highly recommend Amalie Car Rental for your arrival pleasure to start your vacation in Paradise without frustration. Amalie's cars may sometimes be a little bit more per week, but the attention to detail that they give their cars and customers are worth it. The national car rental agencies are NOT the same on the islands as they are in the states.

For instance:

  • Amalie is always on time with your car and will meet you at the airport with the car that you actually booked. You need not check in or be transported from the airport to an off site property to possibly find out that they do not have a car for you because they are over sold or the car is "being washed" for the first hour you are here (meaning they do not have a car for you yet and they need to stall you).
  • You are allowed to take the car over to St. John for the day.
  • You get into your car to find it very clean, not worn out because NO car is more than a year old.
  • You can feel safe because they change their brakes every month (not every 3 months or so) because of the hills that we have here on the island.
  • They are ALL non-smoking cars.
  • IF anything happens to your car mechanically, they respond right away as they have their own mechanic and will bring you another car to put you into.
  • But most importantly, the owners truly care about their customers and enjoy what they do!

We provide an online car rental request form for Amalie Car rental to our guests who request our villa.

Again, due to insurance restrictions, our escorts cannot carry any passengers in their cars. You are responsible for your own luggage, however you may ask the escort to transport your baggage in his/her vehicle to the villa for an additional fee, if requested. Please note that island cars are generally small; vans here only hold up to 7 passengers so please choose your rental wisely with consideration to party size and luggage. And lastly - please remember that we drive on the LEFT SIDE OF THE ROAD in this part of the Caribbean!

If for any reason you can't find your escort, please stay where you are until we find you. For this reason we ask that you remember to take our telephone number with you when you travel so you can contact us immediately if you are delayed, or if you cannot find your villa escort person. You may try to leave the airport and attempt to locate your villa on your own but we have very limited street addresses here, and most roads are not at all clearly marked. Although Serendipity Villa is fairly easy to find compared to other villas, we can't be responsible if you get lost. Escorts are provided to help you get acquainted with our roads, guide you to your villa, give you a quick tour of the home and its features, give you keys, and get you started on a wonderful vacation!!