—  Water Conservation  —

Water Conservation in the US Virgin Islands


Our only source of water is rainfall which is caught via the roof and stored in 3 cisterns beneath the houses. We do check our cistern before your arrival to insure you'll have enough, but if it runs out due to excessive usage or an unforeseen plumbing problem, we then have to have water trucked to the villa in a tanker rig. As everything is on "island time" - arranging a delivery to fill your cistern may take several hours or a day or two. So help us conserve by never letting the water run while washing up or brushing teeth, flush only when necessary, and do your best to take short showers. PLEASE report all plumbing issues including running toilets and dripping faucets to us immediately!

Toilets & Plumbing: Due to the salty air, our water and waste systems on the island are far more susceptible to having issues than those in the U.S. To conserve water we utilize water-saver toilets which make them too delicate to handle anything out of the ordinary. For that reason we ask that you do not flush any foreign objects or personal hygiene products down the toilets!

Is the water safe to drink?: We do have a water filtration system installed, and although we've never had anyone become ill by drinking from the tap, we recommend that you drink and brush your teeth with bottled water.